6 apprentice pranks to avoid

Without trying to worry you too much on your first day starting your apprenticeship, there is a bit of a well.. shall we say tradition of playing cruel hilarious pranks on unsuspecting apprentices. No matter what type of apprentice you are, Electrician, Builder, Mechanic or Plumber there are bound to be a whole host of pranks your colleagues may try and play on you. Here are a few apprentice pranks to avoid.

1. Bump starting a disc cutter

This one is most easily explained by watching the video. Watch out though there are a variety of other power tool related pranks out there.


2. Being sent for a long wait

The first and most obvious is a true favourite of tradesmen across the country. Sending apprentices on errands for non existent products that include the likes of Tartan paint, sky hooks, replacement bubble for a spirit level, glass hammers and left handed screwdrivers. Otherwise you will end up picking up a long weight (long wait) as well.


3. The strength test


4. Seismic testing

In all honesty this guy must be one of the most gullible people on the planet, i’m not quite sure you will encounter this one but it is still pretty hilarious.


5. Spoon’s

Now although this is not a prank exclusive to tradesmen, it is still one I have seen used as a cruel trick. Discretion is advised as the video does contain some rather colourful language.

6. Keep your cards close to your chest

Have a phobia of spiders, not a fan of snakes? Probably best you keep that one to yourself, because its sure to come back to haunt you.

Don’t worry though all of your colleagues will have gone through similar pranks when they started their working life and best of all? You get to do the same to apprentices starting next year.

Have any that we have missed? post them in the comments!

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