Do I need my own tools as an apprentice?

Do I need my own tools as an apprentice? This is certainly a question we hear quite often and the easy answer is yes, you do. The tools used in trade work can be fairly pricey. At the start of your apprenticeship training, it is highly unlikely you will require a large collection of tools though as a budding tradesman it is important to slowly build up a professional tool set as you work through and develop your own work skills.

From experience, collecting and caring for your own tools and equipment is usually done with a real sense of pride, achievement and satisfaction.
One very important Tip: clearly label your tools immediately on purchase. (Other workers may have the same tools or encase they are ever stolen.)

Our Apprentice tool packs

So now you know you need your own tools as an apprentice, where to get them? Here at Apprentice Starter Pack’s¬†we aim to provide packages – for trade apprentices – that will give a good base around which to build their profession and which can be periodically added too. The packages we offer have been extensively researched in order to ensure they are up to date with industry standards and are what current tradesman are using. After establishing what product types are required we spend our time sourcing the highest quality tools at the best price.

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