Not yet secured an apprenticeship? Here are our tips

Get to know more about an apprenticeship scheme

You’ve probably completed your GCSEs or A-levels, done the weeks work experience, and are still unsure where to, or how to, develop a career. University may not be your choice and you maybe lean toward practical, hands on subjects, like vehicle mechanics, plumbing, or joinery.

Then a good place to start is where there is an excellent overview on apprenticeships. Browse the site by typing in a city/town and county of your choice into Location. Click onto the link Help with Application for all the information you require.


Useful tips for potential apprentices:

– Talk to as many people as possible about their job/career pathway/s and this way you will probably get some personal insider information and tips.

– NEVER be afraid to ask an expert about their work. Apply a respectful approach and most people with a professional attitude will be willing to give you a little ‘chat time’,offering you some helpful job advice while probably feeling quite flattered that you have asked their advice.

– Please remember that the workload in industry and commerce is sometimes very demanding of personnel, so, long letters and emails to large firms may go unanswered.

– Get talking to: e.g. your teacher/trainer/ local butcher/hairdresser/neighbours,friends, relatives.

– COVER LETTER: A concise, neat, hand written letter if you have good hand writing otherwise a well typed one will give a better first impression. You may be asked for hand written work at a later stage: do not write in TEXT speak.

– Visit Trade Shows. Experts are on hand with career advice.

– Get your cover letter and any other written work checked for typing errors and spelling mistakes. Do not rely totally on Spell Check.

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