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Apprentice Mechanic’s Tool Kit

Putting together a complete set of tools you could need during your apprenticeship would end up running into the thousands of pounds. But starting out the set of tools you require should be a lot less and of course you can always add to these on an as needed basis. So here we discuss would be considered essential items for a apprentice mechanic’s tool kit.

What should be in an apprentice mechanic’s tool kit?

As with anything there are huge variety of brands of tools with varying levels of quality and value for money. Here at Apprentice Starter Pack we aim to provide quality tools at affordable prices. Whilst most apprentices will most probably want to spend as little as possible when starting out, it is important to remember that quality tools can last a lifetime. While inferior tools made from cheap materials may not last anywhere near as long.

In this list we are just going to go through the basics that you will need in a apprentice mechanic’s tool kit, along with our recommendations. These will include: Allen key set, Adjustable spanner, Screwdriver set, Plier set, Socket set and Tool box/cabinet.


Allen Key Set

Bahco Hex Key Set

Bahco 9770 BE-9770 1.5 – 10mm Hex Key Set


Allen key/Hex key are six sided keys used use to secure a variety of vehicle components and parts, anything from interior panels and trim, brake calipers, drain plugs, induction hoses and exhaust pipes . The heads of Allen keys can often become rounded when used incorrectly, so a good quality set is a must if you want them to last. The Allen key set pictured has a regular hex key fitment on one end and a ball hex fitment on the other for ease of use in confined spaces, or where access is limited.

The ones in the image are a Bacho 1.5mm – 10mm set which are available using the buy now button above. Our other recommendations are this Sealey or Draper set.


Adjustable Spanner

Bahco 8-inch wrench

Bahco 9031T 9031T Slim Jaw Adjustable Wrench 8-inch


Having an adjustable spanner is an important part of any tool box, useful to hold nuts,bolt heads or tightening pipe unions or fittings. Generally adjustable spanner jaws can be too wide for certain applications a mechanic might encounter, particularly with pipe unions and fittings which can be avoided with this slim design adjustable spanner. The Bahco slim jaw wrench features an extra wide jaw opening and precision-hardened and anti-corrosion treated with a phosphate finish that will ensure its longevity.

Screwdriver Set

Mechanic Starter Pack - Screwdriver set



Now I think everyone should have seen a screwdriver before, right? Well this Wera set containing Pozi, Phillips, Slotted and Torx drivers made with a high quality steel bit that goes through the entire length of the tool should they need to be struck with a hammer, all the budding mechanic should ever need. Another great feature of the screwdrivers pictures are that you can apply a open end or combination wrench to the hexagonal base to apply extra torque for those stubborn screws.

Plier Set


Bahco Plier set

Bahco 9897 Plier Set (4-Piece)


This Bahco set includes slip joint pliers, combination pliers, side cutter and snipe nose pliers that should be more than enough to snip or nip anything you encounter. Once again these are a great quality set that are built to last and thanks to their thermoplastic grip on the handles should be comfortable to use too.


Socket Set

Bahco Socket Set

Bahco S106 S106 Socket Set 106-Piece 1/4 & 1/2-Inch Drive



A spanner and socket set is something any mechanic worth his salt will have and is something you will probably use the most so it is worth spending that bit extra. This 106 piece Bahco set is more than enough to get you started and is made from chrome vanadium with a matt chrome-plated finish (basically its tough stuff). This is a general service kit that will be used many for many applications in vehicle maintanece and repair, ideal for an apprentice just starting out.


Tool Box

Apprentice Mechanic's Tool Kit - DJM American Chest Tool Box

DJM American Pro 6 Drawer Orange Top Chest Tool Box


After picking out all your tools you are going to need somewhere to put them all. This DJM tool box is just small enough to be able to take with you if you need to leave the garage but just big enough to fit the majority of your tools in. This box has a high quality finish and sturdy draw runners so should stay working and looking great. It also features a cylinder lock so you can easily lock your box up when not in use for added security.

Another alternative would be this 2 drawer Draper tool box.

Tool Cabinet

Apprentice Mechanic's Tool Kit - DJM 6 Drawer Top Box Tool Chest & 5 Drawer Roller Cab Cabinet Tool Box

DJM 6 Drawer Top Box Tool Chest & 5 Drawer Roller Cab Cabinet Tool Box


I would be the first to admit that a 5 drawer roller cabinet and a 6 drawer top box might be a bit overkill when first starting out, but something this size will mean you wont have to regular upgrade as you collect more tools. The 6 drawer top box is detachable so you could just use this when you only require a limited tool set. This is also built to last with ball bearing runners, triple baked enamel finish and cylinder key lock.

Also recommended would be this 6 drawer Sealey roller cabinet with top chest.

Optional Extras

The items already mentioned are what would be considered essential items for a apprentice mechanic’s tool kit, however here are a few additions if you are wanting to start with a more complete tool set. (Or perhaps you just have a little cash burning a hole in your pocket.)

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