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Gift ideas for a DIY enthusiast – Must have tools

Gift ideas for a DIY enthusiast – Whether its for a friend who has just brought a their first home, a family member who is perpetually renovating or a coworker who is always taking on a new DIY project. We have put together a list of our must have tools for any DIY enthusiast, giving a number of potential uses for each tool and of course our personal recommendations.

Hand Tool Set


A tool kit



Mitre Saw

Makita LS0815FL-240 V Slide Compound Mitre Saw, 216 mm


A mitre saw is primarily cutting wood or timber to size, allowing you to to cut lengths quickly, straight edged and safely. The one benefit of the tool we have highlighted that it has a rotation option, allowing you to cut mitre joints for skirting, alcoves or any other wood joints in which two or more pieces of wood need to joint at certain angles.


Rotary Multi-tool (Dremel)

Dremel 8220 Cordless Rotary Tool 12V, Rotary Multi Tool Kit with 2 Attachments 45 Accessories


A Rotary multi-tool, or Dremel as it is more commonly known (due to the popularity of the brand) is a hand powered tool that is available with a variety of different fittings. Although often used fir craft purposes, it can be very useful around the house for cutting, sanding or polishing in hard to reach places.

The model we have picked is a top of the range cordless model, so you are not limited to being in close proximity of a plug socket or the trouble of using an extension lead. With 2 attachments and 45 different accessories this model can carve, engrave, sand, grind, drill, polish or cut almost anything you can throw at it.

There are a number of cheaper corded models out there, which don’t come with as much expense, even if these come with less accessories these can always be purchased at a later date.


Combi Drill

Combi Drill - difference between combi, impact, hammer and drill drivers

Makita 18v cordless lithium COMBI drill .



Drill, screw or fix practically anything.

For more specific jobs you may want to check out our post, Difference Between Combi, Impact, Hammer and Drilldrivers

Multi-Tool Cutter

Bosch PMF 220 CE Multi-Tool Set


Cutting in hard to reaches places.

Detail Sander

Bosch PSM 100 A Multi-Sander [Energy Class A]


Sanding into corners, specifically ion places that cant be reached with a belt sander or larger pad sander.

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